How To Organise Your First Dance Event.

We all know the fact is there are fewer opportunities in the dance industry, therefore, it’s hard to get recognized we need more dance event to show our skills but we should not wait for the opportunities we can create the opportunities by ourselves.

Organize an event is not a simple task so before taking a step you need to understand the factors a little bit.

Planing For Dance Event

If you want to successfully organize an event, you need a plan that will serve your purpose.

 Icon That Representing Planing For Dance Event
Build your Plan!
  • Categories
  • Prize
  • Schedule
  • Judges
  • Dj
  • Host or Mc

Figure out which categories you want to consider at your event avoid including more categories, in the beginning, try to make it small or just 1 on 1 battle because the bigger will affect your budget.

What is it for? is it for 6k or 10k the bigger the prizes the more it is attractive for people to travel for it because they are gonna win the money.

Schedule, when you are going to throw the event I would recommend starting planning before 3 months so, you will have enough time to plan properly.

The Judges are a tough one because judges can make or break your event here you have to pay more attention don’t just put the famous one on that seat try to dig more about.

Dj is a vital part of the competition if you have terrible Dj dancers are not gonna be so happy, so find someone who is familiar with the categories you are organizing.

Another vital part of the competition and that is the host or mc the host is typically the person who’s gonna keep everything organized its someone that’s gonna be able to make the event exciting when it’s not so exciting its someone gonna able to command the crowd so tries to find a host somewhat familiar with the dance scene.

Set Budget oF Your Dance Event

At this point, you should have made a basic plan for your event so you have an idea of what you are making a budget for.

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Set an appropriate budget so that you will have an idea of your expenses and also include the cost of the venue and some miscellaneous.

You can also look for sponsors. Sponsors are those who are willing to give you some kind of money, but if they see any reward that can be of any kind.

Note that if you are going to spend your budget on Hip Hop then you should know 4 Things About Hip Hop Dance That The Media Hasn’t Told You!

Basic Marketing

At this point, You should have created an outline for your event, a budget & locked in all important details.

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Social Media Marketing

You are now ready to move into the marketing phase back in the day’s organizers made flyers they pass flyers they talk to people about the event but today you have the convenience of the internet.

These days because of the internet you can easily reach out to your target audience.

Facebook gives you some features like making an event page you can leverage this feature and can have the social media presence and promote your dance event throw social media.

Watch the video about how you can make it for free

Before making your event page live on the Facebook check two or three times that all the necessary details are filled properly.


Take the initiative to organize a dance event because there are fewer opportunities and this is the thing that can help you to live as a dancer also that will be appreciated by the community because you will create an opportunity for them as well.

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4 Things About Hip Hop Dance That The Media Hasn’t Told You!

I am breaking some of the myths in this article that have been in this domain for a very long time and after reading this article you will be aware of the points that the media has not told you about hip hop dance.


  • Urban Hip Hop?
  • HipHop Dance?
  • Breakdance Or Bboying/Breaking?
  • Dance Or Sports?

Urban Hip Hop?

How to do urban hip-hop? Most professional dancers and wannabees search this term on youtube very often.

Detailed Diagram  Of Urban Choreography.

But actually urban is not hip hop, hip hop dance like breaking, party dancing started in the 1970s in the Bronx and urban dance is a way of choreography in which you mix different dance styles.

For your better understanding, I’m putting the video below!

Hip Hop Dance?

2nd biggest misconception about it That people think it is a dance form.

Elements Of Hip Hop
Four Elements

No, it is not a dance form, it is a worldwide culture and it has mainly four elements Graffity, DJ, Emceeing, and Dance.

Watch HipHop Documentary –




It’s time to find out the difference between terms like a breaker and breaking when compared to breakdancer and breakdancing.

The terms breakdancer and breakdancing were coined by the media when they discovered the dance of breaking. some outlets discovered the kids who were breaking and said they were breakdancing and so-called them breakdancers.

So, Breakdance is a commercial term the actual term is the Breaking and a practitioner of this dance is called a B-boy, B-girl, or breaker. 

Hip Hop Dance Or Sports

Many of the dance forms like Popping, House, Locking come in the umbrella of HipHop but the core dance form has always been breaking

Definition Of Dance

Just because of its (Breaking) athletic nature you can’t say that it sports, It is not a sport it is an art form that leads to creativity and it has four elements Toprock, Footwork, Powermove, and Freeze.

B-boy means a boy who dances on breakbeats.


I have seen these misconceptions among people like how subconsciously they are repeating these mistakes and some big dance companies are making money by the name of hip hop where the real artists are still hustling in the underground.

You can drop down your opinions in the below comment section.

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Top 5 Indian Bboys, You Should Know About

Out of these top 5 Indian Bboys, who will win the Redbull Bc One India cypher 2020?

Red bull bc one is the most prominent Bboying/Breaking dance competition in the world.

The first name “Bboy Flying Machine” falls in the Top 5 Indian Bboys category.

Bboy Flying Machine got the win for the 3rd time at Red Bull Bc One India Cypher 2018.
Red Bull Bc One India cypher 2018 champion.
  1. Arif Choudhary comes into the Top 5 Indian Bboys, his stage name is Bboy Flying machine. He is a local star and living life as a full-time Bboy which is a dream life for every Bboy in the world. He has won 3times Redbull bc one India cypher.
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