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Top 5 Indian Bboys, You Should Know About

Out of these top 5 Indian Bboys, who will win the Redbull Bc One India cypher 2020?

Red bull bc one is the most prominent Bboying/Breaking dance competition in the world.

The first name “Bboy Flying Machine” falls in the Top 5 Indian Bboys category.

Bboy Flying Machine got the win for the 3rd time at Red Bull Bc One India Cypher 2018.
Red Bull Bc One India cypher 2018 champion.
  1. Arif Choudhary comes into the Top 5 Indian Bboys, his stage name is Bboy Flying machine. He is a local star and living life as a full-time Bboy which is a dream life for every Bboy in the world. He has won 3times Redbull bc one India cypher.
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